Investing In Time Ltd.

When I first began collecting watches, I soon found myself overwhelmed by the history of the brands and the wide number of varied styles produced over the decades.

I quickly developed a taste for buying 70s watches, not just because it was the decade I grew up in but also because it was a time of great experimentation by the leading Swiss watch brands, including Omega, Heuer, Breilting and Rolex - who produced such iconic styles and wild colour combinations.

I have therefore become dedicated to showcasing the finest timepieces, which my colleagues and I have painstakingly sourced over the many years that have passed since those early days. Whilst we have had great success in selling a vast range of pieces on and, we decided to gradually integrate our collection to Chrono24. It is a pleasure to introduce our pieces to a passionate watchmaking community, we hope to offer our services to any individual with the desire for a superb watch, be it modern or vintage.

I am happy to provide additional information and am pleased to answer any questions you may have.


Investing In Time Ltd.

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